Approaching the Redpill

  Some men that encounter the redpill find it shocking, and sometimes an aberration. The moment they realize women’s true nature is so overwhelming, that they completely spin it in a negative light. The realization that women are not these mythical unicorns they were conditioned to believe they were by society in general, shatters some […]


When you look for the term hypergamy in any search engine the common definition for the word is: “the action of marrying a person of a superior caste or class.” but there’s so much more behind that simple answer in a psychological perspective. In my last posts i talk a little bit about a journey […]

Red pill awarenes

I came across the red pill around 7 months ago(September 2017). by then i was already managing a soft harem of three plates but little did i know that my success came from applying the red pill principles subconsciously. In the first article that i wrote on this website i narrate a little bit about […]