Life as an Aquarius, intj, Sigma and dark triad personality.

Welcome to my blog! in this which is my first post, i’ll be talking a little bit about how i came to find some major traits of my personality. i know that relying in this kind of pseudoscience test is foolish, but they are the tip of the iceberg in the complex study of human behavior. I’ll try to be as brief and direct as i possibly can.

Let me start off by talking a little bit about my background

I am a 26 year old, self employed male currently living in North Carolina. I moved here from Mexico ten years ago. i started getting interested in social sciences(psychology to be more specific) two years ago. i started by reading a book called “Difficult personalities” by Hazel Edwards and Helen McGrath(which i highly recommend if you are interested in beginning to understand people’s behavior). From this book i learned that people’s behavior is conditioned to three main factors which are: genetically, the way they were raised and traumatic/significant events experienced. After this, i couldn’t help but observe and study the actions and behavior of people around me and myself.


I’ve never been a big fan of pseudoscience, but as most human beings, curiosity sometimes gets the best of us. I was born under the Aquarius zodiac horoscope, and with the quote of Socrates “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” in mind, i began my journey. I would surf the internet reading information about the Aquarian horoscope. Then i stumbled upon this site and i noticed the characteristics such as “intellectual”,”logical”, “freedom loving” and “independent” that the Barnum effect immediately made me feel identified.


This is the part where it starts getting interesting!
Ever since i was young and to current date, i couldn’t help but feel in some sort of way identified with the villains of some of my favorite series(Breaking Bad, Lost etc.) . I later came to find out they all share the intj personality.
My best friend(Lets call him Mickie) was the one who introduced me to the Myers and Briggs personality test. it took me around ten minutes to complete it and i got intj (“The Architect”).
INTJ stands for introversion,intuition,thinking,judging. From reading the information provided i related and i came to an understanding in why i think and act the way i do.



A couple of months ago watching some PUAs videos on youtube(I’ve have always tried to get some new ideas for the betterment of my game) i came across some comments talking about the “redpill”. I did some research about it and found the Manosphere community. I started studying their glossary and i learned a lot of stuff that i was already subconsciously practicing and some that was eye opening. Proceeding with the subject i found the different kinds of man (alpha,beta,omega, delta, etc). I felt in a sort of way identified with the alpha male because i have always been very dominant and assertive(got this qualities from a pretty alpha father) but i didn’t completely agree because i have always been pretty self sufficient. I never needed a pack or the approval of people to get shit done. I’m the kind of man than rather be working, working out, doing some research, smoking weed or fucking one of my plates than socializing. But don’t get me wrong, when i do go out with my best friend Mickie(alpha male) we always have some great times(i shall relate some of them later on). Some more research later, found the term “Sigma male” from Dax Gray. . The description fit so well that i couldn’t believe it, I’ve been a Sigma male most of my life.

Dark Triad

After i started studying the glossary in the Manosphere and finding out i was a sigma male, i came to another term that caught my attention which was “Dark Triad”.
The dark triad is a subject in psychology that focuses on three personality traits: narcissism, machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Doing some more research, i stumbled upon this test which measures the personality traits mentioned before. I took the test and i can say that i am not surprised by the results. Narcissism 3.1, Machiavellinism 3.3, Psychopathy 2.3.
I’m not particularly proud of these traits but we all have them. it might not be in the same percentage but at the end of the day, we’re all a little wicked and these dark triad traits are needed to get ahead in the game of life.



By the research that i have done, as accurate/inaccurate the sources of my study are, i have come to learn a little more about myself. This journey will last as long as i live and i wan to keep on learning as much as a possibly can of whatever spikes my curiosity (and that includes myself). At this point i keep on improving my strengths and i’m also working on my weaknesses. The purpose of my study is to keep on working on becoming the best version of myself and achieve all of my goals. I know you people will have a different perspective and your own opinion about these topics and i would like to read them!. Feel free to leave your opinion or some hate in the comment section ;).

I do not claim any rights in the links used in this article.

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