Red pill awarenes

I came across the red pill around 7 months ago(September 2017). by then i was already managing a soft harem of three plates but little did i know that my success came from applying the red pill principles subconsciously.

In the first article that i wrote on this website i narrate a little bit about the journey of self discovery that i started by a hunger for answers and the need of better understanding of the situations that were going on at the time.

At this current time and after several different women, i still keep two of those plates due to certain situations that have transcended. I grew a lot personally by the first hand experienced that i got from these woman and introspection of several past relationships. I got to confirm a lot of the theories and behaviors  explained  in the red pill subreddit  and the manosphere. It is shocking at the beginning when you start to realize that human behavior is so simple, so simple that the fact is it hasn’t changed since our primitive times to this day. Natural selection has always played its part by choosing the genetic material that gets passed to the future generations of all species, and it is not different with humans. In this scenario women play the part of natural selection because ultimately they are the ones who choose what males are worthy of reproduction, therefore comes the expression of women being the gate keepers of sex. Human females are programmed to be attracted to certain traits in males such as looks, wealth and status. These traits are immediate proof that a man is successful and by reproducing with said man will give her offspring the best change of survival. The fact that men can impregnate as many woman as they possibly can for a longer time span than women (female fertility span is considerably short compared to male’s) ,  has forced them to constantly seek for the top alpha males, leaving the vast majority of men not being able to get women/reproduce. The shocking part about this is that modern culture has caused society into forgetting nature’s way and replaced it with comforting blue pill mentality. The majority of humanity is so plugged into this mentality that they don’t even begin to realize how deluded the actual norms of society are. A good example of this is feminism. Feminism began as the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality and there’s nothing wrong with that, but since then it has mutated into this wave of hate towards masculinity, female biased society that shames men for being men and encourages women’s hypergamy. That’s one of the reasons i consider redpill awareness to be of such importance because in a world that lacks positive identity for men, the redpill is a reminder of how nature works and gives us some ground to stand on and refuse to be feminized and blue pill conditioned by society.

Because once you see reality… there’s no going back.





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