Approaching the Redpill


Some men that encounter the redpill find it shocking, and sometimes an aberration. The moment they realize women’s true nature is so overwhelming, that they completely spin it in a negative light. The realization that women are not these mythical unicorns they were conditioned to believe they were by society in general, shatters some of these men’s lives entirely.

Psychologically speaking, every human being is different. Nature and nurture play an extremely important role in human behavior.   Nature states that our behavior, personality traits and abilities are in our genetic, but it also determines the likeliness of genetic illnesses and diseases. Nurture states that our environment, upbringing and life experiences determine our behavior.

These two aspects determine not only the way we behave but the way we perceive and interpret information. Being that these two aspects are different for everyone is almost impossible to predict how each person might react to new information or certain situations, sometimes ending in the extreme of psychotic breaks, killing rampages and suicide.

That’s why i think the way we approach not only  the redpill but any type of information or situation must be with an open mind and always questioning everything with our best possible judgement.  Aristotle quote: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” pretty much sums it up and by achieving this, there might be a reduction of men that stay stuck in the anger stage, and the complete realization that women’s hypergamic behavior is subconscious and their evolutionary way of adapting, ensuring their best chances of survival and the preservation of the best genetic material as well.

Making the picture of women’s hypergamic behavior as clear as possible will help to identify their sexual strategy and give a chance to the majority of men to plan their own strategy accordingly.




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